ABC radio presenter suspended over Katter ad

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A Western Australian ABC Local Radio presenter, Suzanne McGill (left), has been suspended after it was revealed she read the voice-over on the controversial anti gay marriage television commercial produced for Bob Katters Australian Party.

McGill is a casual weekend presenter at the ABC who performs free-lance voice work. A spokeswoman for the ABC said that she "did not seek nor obtain permission for external voiceover work as required in accordance with ABC policies".

Katter's Party Director, Aidan McLindon issued a statement this morning saying "The ABC must reinstate Ms McGill and Stephen Conroy should conduct an immediate investigation into this situation… seems pretty clear that the ABC management has targeted someone who has simply provided a professional service in her own time to an advertising agency"

"This sort of vilification should not be tolerated. We live in Queensland, not Russia."

Recently media mogul James Packer donated $ 250,000 to the fledgling political party, however today he has condemned the television commercial saying that he did not support either the ad, or the attack on Campbell Newman.

Ironically, on her ABC program last friday, Ms McGill conducted an interview about school bullying and homophobia on South West WA regional Local Radio.

See the controversial ad, and hear McGills voice work on the controversial television commercial here:



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