David Anderson on Aunty’s plans during ‘unprecedented times’

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ABC managing director David Anderson is a man with a plan.

In a statement on Thursday, Anderson has outlined how the public broadcaster plans to keep Australian’s informed, educated and entertained during the VOCID-19 crisis.

“Clearly, the challenge for the ABC is to continue providing the essential broadcast and digital services all Australians expect of us,” he said. “There have been some changes to our normal schedule that audiences will have noticed already, such as the suspension of the National Press Club broadcast and a reduction of The Signal podcast. And, like other providers, it will take some time for us to return to normal activity once the threat has passed.

“But Australians should be reassured that we are making every effort to continue to provide our trusted and valued services to audiences, wherever they are. We are conscious of the important role the ABC plays in our lives. And we are doing all we can to keep Australians informed, educated and entertained in these unprecedented times.

“Contingency planning is well advanced and we are also adjusting our output to meet the rapidly changing needs and expectations of all Australians, covering everything from new box sets to binge on iview to recipes and activities for people staying indoors at home.

“And with so many children now at home, the ABC is helping primary and secondary students and teachers with additional curriculum-linked education content across multiple platforms. No matter the challenges to come, the ABC will be there for all Australians for the long haul, as a trusted friend and companion in a time of need.”

ABC Radio have also launched a number of initiatives, including the Cronacast podcast and enhancing Hack’s news and information for younger audiences on triple j.

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2 Jul 2020 - 12:58 pm

“…. and information for younger audiences on triple j….”

I once spent an afternoon/*early evening listening to Triple J just to see what they were up to (for the same reason I listen to 576 at 4PM from time to time – to see how my tax dollar is being manipulated by the leftists in the ABC).

About every 4th or fifth ‘song’ was rap or similar radical c**p – mostly originating in the US – full of filthy language, exhorting violence, promiscuous sex, the overthrow of the state…you get the idea.

In other words, exploiting young, febrile & impressionable minds nice & early – with garbage.

So now Triple J is going to tell these kids to keep their social distance while they burn the house down?

Instead of ‘photo ops on the bridge of the fat old barge that is the ABC, perhaps Mr Anderson should get down in the muck of the engine room and see what’s really going on.

* It probably get worse at 10PM but, you know, by then I’ve had my hot chocolate and in second stage REM..


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