96FM & 6PR call for staff unity

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A fiery staff meeting at 96FM and 6PR Perth during a visit from Fairfax Radio boss Adam Lang (pictured), has resulted in an all staff email from General Manager Martin Boylen this week.

The meeting occured when Fairfax CEO Adam Lang flew to Perth to address staff over fresh speculation around a sale of the network.

This followed the former General Manager, Declan Kelly, publicly stating his intention to buy 96FM a few weeks ago.

At that time, Kelly (pictured below) told the Sunday Times;

"Myself and my investors remain confident that a deal may be struck in the near future….Fairfax don't want to separate their radio division, so they are more than likely going to sell the group as a whole, if they get the right offer from one buyer"
"my group still remains interested in purchasing 96FM if the price is right''

It is believed that Kelly's syndicate includes former 96FM Breakfast Announcer Gary Shannon.

Following the story, Adam Lang visited the Perth stations to restate that the network was not for sale.

The Sunday Times has reported that the staff meeting became 'a massive all-staff showdown'.

During the meeting 6PR Breakfast Announcer Steve Mills (below right) voiced frustration about the lack of capital expenditure allocated to the stations over the past few years, and is reported to have challenged Lang to resign if he can't promptly address the two station's ageing building and equipment issues.

Lang is believed to have told Mills that he may be sacked before then.

This week Martin Boylen, 96FM/6PR General Manager, has sent around a staff email which asks staff to;

"stop looking backwards and blaming the past for the problems we have today"

He went on to address a feeling that management have been poor communicators and thanked them for being honest and open, assuring staff that he would be communicating "at levels never experienced at this work place".

"This is the moment that we stop looking backwards and blaming the past for the problems we have today…we look forward with optimism at what we can achieve and we start walking together to achieve goals that have been effectively communicated and we celebrate every little success we have along the way".

He also said that he will be outlining future plans that will make the stations a great place to work over the next few weeks, months and years.

As to that pesky issue of whether the stations, or Fairfax Radio more broadly is for sale, Fairfax are on the record as consistently saying that;

"nothing has changed, (fairfax) radio is not for sale".


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