6PR host Oliver Peterson responds to being called a “murderer” by vegan activists

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“This is vile, it has to stop,” said 6PR Oliver Peterson on his show Perth Live.

The Drive host broke his silence recently, revealing that he had received numerous threats by vegan activists via his public social media accounts.

“There have been some comments made on my personal Instagram account, on photographs of my six-month-old son Edward, labelling me a paedophile and labelling me a murderer,” said Oliver on air.

The whole saga began on January 23, after Oliver interviewed the author of a map which published the addresses of farming families across Australia.

Vegan activists have since been spreading parts of the interview out of context, and finally, some activists turned up to protest Oliver’s show during an outside broadcast at Westfield Carousel last Thursday.

“Stop with your stunts, stop with your harassment, stop with your intimidation and stop with your bullying,” he implored the activists.


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