Parties, undercover dating and big reveals: The 2017 wrap-up from the Fox breakfast team

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It’s been a big year for the Fox breakfast team in Melbourne.

Not only did Fifi, Fev & Byron lose co-host Dave Thornton back in September, but they’ve also been operating for the majority of the year under a new executive producerLeon Sjogren.

And that’s on top of the usual survey ratings battle in Melbourne, which this year saw them gaining and holding on to the title of number one FM breakfast show for four surveys running, only to lose it in Survey 7.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been plenty of highlights as well – after all, you’re not the most-listened to show in a metro city for a reason! So here are the top five segments from the year, according to the Fox breakfast team.

Logan's 7th Birthday Party

Our little friend Logan has spina bifida and sadly had nobody show up to his last birthday party. For his birthday this year Fifi, Dave, Fev & Byron decided to throw him a HUGE party at Margaret Court Arena so him and all the other kids that have been left out can feel special!Thanks also to Spotlight for decorating.

Posted by Fox FM on Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Logan’s Party
When a listener called and told the guys about her 6 year old Logan that suffered from Spina Bifida threw a birthday party last year and no one turned up, Fifi, Fev & Byron decided to throw Logan another party and invite kids all over Melbourne that also had trouble making friends. The massive party culminated at Margaret Court Arena complete with giveaways, rides and celebrity guest bought together parents and kids in similar situations to celebrate Logan and make him feel accepted.

One Draculast Time
When Fifi, Fev & Byron heard that one of Melbourne’s most iconic tourist locations, Dracula’s was closing before they had even had a chance to go themselves they booked out the venue and filled it full of listeners that had also never experienced the famous theatre restaurant.

Are You Smarter Than: The Arena Spectacular
A small quiz segment that the guys play with listeners before 7am every morning hit the big time when Fifi, Fev & Byron wanted to turn it into the biggest trivia night ever, unfortunately after aiming for an arena they had to settle with the Chipmunks Kids Playcentre in Cranbourne. It was still a massive hit with teams battling it out for the $10,000 prize money with our special guest host Baby John Burgess.

Fifi’s Undercover Dating
With the growing popularity of dating TV shows, Fifi, Fev & Byron decided to dip their toe in the water and launch Fifi’s Undercover Dating. The guys set up a social experiment for Fifi so she could see what it’s really like to date with her looks and fame taken away from her. Fifi underwent a full prosthetic transformation and then dated a series of guys who were under the impression that they were partaking in a TV show called Looking For Love.

Watch the transformation in full here:

Listeners registered letting us know who they would miss overseas for Christmas under the impression they would be sent there to visit them, without them knowing we would track down their friend and fly them over and give them the surprise of their lives.

Watch the big reveals here:

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