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Australia’s Leading Comedy Talent Tell All About Stand-up vs. Radio
by Brad March, Sarah Levett, and Scott Muller

Frank insights from the most stellar line-up of on-air talent ever assembled in one place without mediation or the need to negotiate the release of hostages:

Tony Martin Wendy Harmer Marty Sheargold Tom Gleeson Mick Molloy

“The happiest moment in every comedian’s bloody week – listening to some Program Director who came from the Sales Department tell you why you weren’t funny”


Tom Ballard Jo Stanley Rosso Mikey Robins Matt Tilley

“Strap yourself in for a lot of compromise and pseudo analysis. Everyone knows why ratings go up … but only after it happens”


Lehmo Akmal Saleh Tim Smith Paul Hogan Craig Annis

“Conviction, compassion and sincerity. As the old saying goes, if you can fake that, you got it made!”


Dave O'Neil Tim Blackwell Simon Kennedy Stav Davidson

"If only I had a seven second delay surgically implanted in my brain. I think I would have been far more successful”


Dave Thornton Julian Schiller Lisa Fernandez Joel Creasey

“Lets look at the similarities: both have microphones, both are conversations, both end in tears some days…”


Tommy Little James O'Loghlin Steve Philp Adam Richard


Radio Today’s exclusive series, “The Brutal Truth”

Featuring Australia’s leading comedy talent in frank discussions about:

  • The Art of Storytelling vs The Art of Joke Telling
  • Welcome to the belly of the very hungry beast (content-hungry radio)
  • Who is the Audience? (And why can't I hear them laughing anymore, Mummy?)
  • Ratings … and other forms of Extreme Heckling
  • Who's the Boss? (And who are YOU to tell ME what's funny, puny human?!)
  • The Joy of Teams – and thai-thai-thai-MING!
  • Who Am I? (Dealing with self-doubt, anxiety, narcissism, and your on-air persona)
  • What the Fuck is 7-Second Delay?!? (And other very handy tips for young players)

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