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Rob Kidd is the Breakfast Announcer and PD for Grant Broadcasters 4CC in Gladstone, Central Queensland. 

Radio Today's Mark Hales chatted to Rob to find out his background.

What got him into radio and what did happen when Rob was working with Tony Martin on Get This at Triple M?



  1. As a bit of background, what stations have you worked at during your career and in what roles?

4CC Gladstone – Breakfast, PD

Triple M Melbourne– Mornings and AMD

Melbourne – Mornings/Drive and MD

4TO FM Townsville – APD, MD, Mornings/Drive, Commercial Production

4MK FM Mackay – Breakfast, Mornings, Commercial Production

4BU Bundaberg – Production, Mornings, Newsroom


  1. What got you into radio?

I wanted a change in career. Wayne Wilson inspired me to take my music passion one step further through 4CRM community radio and a friend, Jim Dolan (WSFM) pointed me in the direction of AFTRS.


  1. Any jobs before radio?

Worked with JSIS Engineering Mackay after leaving school. Factory work ending up Mackay Sales Manager before deciding on a change in career.


  1. 4CC has been back in Central Queensland for 6 months after being Zinc for a period of time. How has it been received?

Extremely warmly. Our region has its station back after a few years. The ability to be 100% local is paramount for the Gladstone region. Listeners and clients alike have all been very happy with the change back.


  1. What have been 4CC’s main achievements during this time?

Community events support has exceeded all expectations in this short period and is expected to increase throughout 2015 and beyond. The growth of our digital arm has been overwhelming.


  1. What is the best lesson you’ve learnt during your career?

Never to be bigger than your microphone. Look, listen and ask.


6.         Describe a day in the life of Rob Kidd?

Each day is different so let’s look at today.

Up at 4, at work 4:30, Prep til 5am then on air til 10.

Meetings til 11.

Channel Seven street talk record til 12.

Volunteer with RSPCA

Volunteer with local tourist centre.

Fitness, gym, eat, TV, sleep at 8pm.


7.         Who are the radio people and radio stations you enjoy listening to away from work?

Radio National, ABC Classic whilst here in Gladstone, when travelling to Sydney for family it’s usually Triple M.


  1. What is your most embarrassing radio moment?

I had great fun paneling Tony Martin’s “Get This” show at Triple M for the first few months. The embarrassing point was in the very first show I found out his first quarter didn’t get to markets outside of Melbourne because I didn’t press one button. He took it very well. I think. Actually maybe not, he still won’t return my calls.


9.         (Complete this sentence)…. in 5 years from now I will be……

Waking people up, laughing, and managing and engaging people in a community stream unlike what is here now.


10.       The future of radio is…….

Local connection, listening and delivery. It’s changing each day. The phrase “ask them what they want and give it to them” is as simple as that. No bells and whistles, just what they want. Listen, adapt, change and execute.


(Bonus question) What’s the best part of your job?  

Since 1994 this has never been a “job”. I’ve always said that it’s a privilege to be able to do this and get paid for it. I got into this field to make it better and with the view that if I can make people smile I’ll be happy. 


Mark Hales is former Editor of Radio Today, and Program Director of Nova 91.9.

He is now Music Director and Drive Announcer at River 94.9 in Ipswich, Queensland.



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