10 Questions with Josiah Shala

Former Assistant Editor

Don’t let the fresh face fool you, Josiah Shala has been around the radio industry from a young age.

Josiah recently departed Nova 96.9, having spent the last five years as Fitzy and Wippa’s panel operator, when he decided to follow his dream of an on-air gig.

He announced he’d be joining Elly Chaney on Breakfast for Hit96.9 Shepparton, trading Sydney for a regional market in the process.

We caught up with Josiah a couple of weeks after he started his new role.

He answers 10 Questions with Radio Today.

How’ve you settled into the new job?

I feel like I’ve dusted off a few cobwebs after the first couple of shows and am now in the swing of things. Elly is a superstar at her job so that helps and everyone in the office has been so welcoming so I’m loving it. To have the amazing radio brain of Beck’s overseeing our show has been incredible too, I’ve learnt so much from him.

Who/what inspired you to choose a career in radio?

To be honest I kind of fell into radio. I’d always strived to be a journalist on TV when I was younger but did a couple of internships 10 years ago and didn’t love it as much as I thought I would. At the time the Maz and Kerley show were doing Nova Night’s and through a friend they invited me to answer their phones for free on their show and my love of radio started from there.

What advice would you give to yourself if you were just starting out again now?

Don’t get complacent and hustle a lot harder with your demos. Don’t sit and wait for it to come to you.

What’s your most memorable on-air moment so far?

In our first week on air Elly and I made it our mission to find B1 the cow that got stolen from Kidstown, Shepparton. We had the whole Goulburn Valley behind it including council and the creator. A member of the public found it and got in touch. Although B1 had had his head sawn off, B2 was over the mooooon to have his mate back. The feedback from the community was overwhelming.

How do you prepare for your shift on air?

We have the most amazing massage chair in the office. I spend 5 minutes on that every morning before the show whilst getting my stories together. I have to have food and coffee before we start then Elly and I plot together the rest of the show.

How does your personality different from on air to off air?

I try to be exactly the same person. Anyone that listens will know I’m exactly the same on air as I am off. I find it a lot more real when people are themselves.

What’s one radio skill you think you’ve mastered, and what’s one radio skill you’re currently working on?

I feel like I’ve definitely mastered panelling after doing 5 years with Fitzy and Wippa, although they’d argue otherwise. Really working hard on nailing content and structure in my talk breaks. Each day it gets more and more comfortable.

What’s your dream radio job?

Metro market Breakfast or Drive. 

Sum up working in radio in three words.

Dream paid job.

If you weren’t working in radio what would you be doing?

I’d like to think I would’ve pursued my career in football (soccer) more. Otherwise sports journalism or management.

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