10 Questions: KIIS 1065’s Simon Baggs

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Simon Baggs is the workday announcer on the new Sydney radio station, KIIS 1065.

You can hear his first hour on KIIS here (it's at the bottom of the article)

Radio Today's Mark Hales chatted to Baggs to find out his background, how he is planning to approach his 6 hours on-air each day, we find out his most embarrassing radio moment, the best lesson he has learnt in his career + lots more.

Q1 : As a bit of background, what stations have you worked at during your career and in what roles ?

Baggs : I started at Sea FM on the Gold Coast when I was 16 as the mid dawn / weekend announcer, moved to Gippsland’s Sea FM as the drive jock at 18, and then onto the Sunshine Coast at Sea 919 as Drive Jock/Assistant Music Director. When I was 20 I was the mornings announcer and Network Music Director back in my home town (Gold Coast) at Sea FM. At 22 I moved to Perth to do Mornings on Nova 937 then a year later I moved back to the Gold Coast to take on the breakfast show at Sea FM as Co-Host/Executive Producer and did that show for four and a half years. Most recently I anchored the Sami and Yumi breakfast show on Mix and now I’ve moved on to KIIS 1065 as the daytime dude.

Q2 : You follow Kyle & Jackie O on KIIS 1065 doing 9am – 3pm. How are you going to approach filling 6 hours of content daily ?

Baggs : Six Hours? Can't wait! It's more time on the air and that’s what makes me happy! I’ve spent the last five and a half years in breakfast shows so I'm looking forward to working on a solo show. It’s a chance to continue to grow. I don’t want to give away all the surprises, but it will be very much in keeping with the KIIS 1065 brand – cheeky, fun, entertaining and engaging completely with the people of Sydney.

Q3 : Any insight on what you will personally bring to the KIIS 1065 workday that’s unique and different to other stations in Sydney ?

Baggs : Having the background of breakfast has helped me understand how to connect with listeners on a deeper, more personal level. Plus I LOVE to think outside the box and break those 'traditional radio rules'. It’s also the perfect time to try this, with KIIS 1065 launching into this fresh, new space.

Q4 : What part will social media play in what you do and how will you approach this in what you deliver each day ?

Baggs : I'll be heavily involved with social media on KIIS 1065, working hand in hand with our digital team. Social media is not just something I do for work. I'm literally on it every hour I am awake. I barely even watch TV anymore. Social media is my entertainment.

Q5 : What is your most embarrassing radio moment ?

Baggs : I have sooooooo many it's honestly hard to pick one but Gary Roberts (GM at Nova Perth) will enjoy this one. I was pretty hung over after a BIG Friday night and was doing a weekend shift on Nova 937. We were giving away tickets to Carlton Draught Race Day and for some reason I spent my whole shift calling the sponsor Carlton Drought. Yep. Carlton Drought. My 'mates' at the station decided to montage all the mentions together and play it back at a jocks meeting. They were all having a great old time slapping their thighs and pointing and laughing at me while I sunk into my chair. Thankfully these days I’m a little older and wiser and the sales and campaigns teams can rest easy that I’ll get our client’s names right! (and if anyone has that audio please don't send it to Radio Today as it could ruin my career ok?)

Q6 : What is the best lesson you’ve learnt during your career ?

Baggs : For those who don't know I had our Gold Coast breakfast show appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in 2010 for a campaign called Bring Ellen Down Under. I remember sitting at the airport with my co hosts (Paul Gale and Moyra Major) after appearing on the show and saying to them that "things will be different for us now" meaning our careers are going to go gang busters. I honestly came home with the idea that we would be picked up by the next metro station needing a breakfast show. This didn't happen and I was wrong. No one called and I was a little disheartened. The lesson for me though was that you always have to look for what is next and not just sit back and rely on your last achievement to get you onto the next level.

Q7 : (complete this sentence) …. in 5 years from now I will be……

Baggs : Continuing to reinvent myself.

Q8 : What’s one thing many people don’t know about you ?

Baggs : I'm a bit of a loner. I have great friends and love spending time with them and when I'm out it’s fun to be the life of the party but I get my energy from being on my own – running, beach, reading – I’ve even been to the movies on my own a number of times.

Q9 : Who are the radio people or radio stations you enjoy listening to away from work ?

Baggs : I'm not just saying this because I'm working with him now, but Kyle is the smartest person in FM radio. He took 2Day FM back to the number 1 position and both he and Jackie have an amazing understanding of what their fans want. They deliver every show and I can't wait to learn from the both of them. I actually used to walk around Sea FM on the Gold Coast imitating Kyle when I was younger saying things like "oh darl" and "that's pus". (I really hope he doesn't make me do it for him). So it’s great to be working with the show that I used to listen to when I was starting out.

Q10 : What goals have you set for yourself in 2014 ?

Baggs : To be the number 1 day time announcer in Sydney.

(bonus question) : If I wasn’t in radio I would be ……

Baggs : Working at Wet N Wild. I can't believe it’s in Sydney now. I love that joint!

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