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Derek Bargwanna is the Content Director for 2Day FM in Sydney, so why not throw 10 Questions on the world square barbie for him to cook up.

You are the Program Director for the number one FM station in Australia's biggest market, give us your history, where have you worked and in what roles?

I’ve worked with Austereo and now Southern Cross Austereo all my career. I’ve been with the company for 15+ years. I started in Newcastle at NXFM as a panel op and working mid dawns before moving into producing and anchoring the breakfast show.

From that point I moved to 2DayFM to EP shows before moving to 92.9 Perth for my first Content Director role. From the west back to Sydney to head up the 2Day team as CD.

You have worked with Kyle for a long time now, in different roles. Content Directors are required, at times, to protect their 'stars' from themselves and from people around them. And act as a conduit. Kyle is presumably one of the more time-consuming talent to work with, how does this work?

It’s not time consuming at all. Kyle is one of the smartest radio guys I’ve ever worked with. He loves radio and will never give it up! He knows what the audience wants and gives it to them every shift. There is a great team behind the show and both Kyle and Jackie work with them closely in ensuring they deliver what the audience want daily.

The Kyle and Jackie O Show is the most successful breakfast show that 2DayFM has ever had in the most competitive environment. I’m very proud of that!!!

Hamish & Andy is arguably the biggest radio show FM radio has ever seen in this country, that must have left a big hole when they pulled back to one day a week?

The radio world thought the sky would fall in when the boys decided to move to Fridays! We always knew we had a great show in FiFi and Jules to join our drive line up and the results say the same. We  pride ourselves on creating great shows and we’ve demonstrated that again.

To have 2 killer shows to drive Sydney home is a massive bonus for us. Hamish and Andy also pop up in the Kyle and Jackie O Show and FiFi and Jules regularly through the week. We have a great family that love appearing on each other’s shows.

Nova moved away from it's new music position about 14 months ago into a female-skewed hit music position. That's pretty much home turf for 2Day. What's your view on the Nova format now?

We have always had a clear brand position. Nova seem less certain of theirs.

It used to be that Program Directors came from on-air backgrounds, or from music director backgrounds. More and more they are  coming from a breakfast show EP background, as you did. Why do you think this trend has happened?

To be a great Content Director you need to know how to lead, run and program radio content/shows plus how to work and get the best from talent. Stations successes are built around great shows and leaders that have clear direction, so for me it’s only natural that great CD’s come from producing backgrounds.  

Pop Quiz. Outside of 2Day, what was the most recent station you listened to?

SEAFM Gold Coast.

Pop Quiz 2. Most played song on your Ipod?

Train, Drive By.

Pop Quiz 3.Most recent song added to the playlist?

Fun, We are Young.

Notwithstanding it is only one survey, nobody likes to have a fall in survey one. Any changes as a result?

In short, no! We’re really confident with our content and our plans. It’s full steam ahead. We’ve got a great team at 2Day and are committed to giving Sydney the best entertainment, hits and prizes non stop! The one thing we never do at team 2Day is take our foot off  the pedal. 

Who is the one personality, not in Southern Cross Austereo presently, you would like to have on the air at 2Day if you could.

Lady GaGa would be a very interesting radio host. She is fascinating!

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