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This weekend, the MCM Media program 'My Generation' celebrates it's 700th episode (see here). 

The show runs on nearly 100 radio stations nationally, and is hosted by the WSFM Breakfast team 'Amanda & Jonesy', who are also Sydney's #2 FM Breakfast Show with a 9.0 share 10+ (Nielsen Radio Ratings, Survey 3/12, Mon-Sun 5.30am-9am)

We thought it only fair to hit Brendan 'Jonesy' Jones with 10 Questions;

Jonesy give us the rundown of the stations you have been at.

2BCR Community radio at Bankstown then my first paid job at 6KA Karratha,  I did nights for two years, then Drive and Mornings at 2NM Muswellbrook, Afternoons at i98fm in the gong, late nights at B105 in Brisbane, Afternoons then Drive at MMM Brisbane, MMM Sydney Afternoons, then Mornings, then Drive. WSFM Breakfast till now.

After a long time at WS, and much of that with consistently strong ratings for the Breakfast show, tell us about the feeling last survey when your show reached a record high figure.

I felt a little shocked 9 has been our great white whale, I was told some time ago that WS brekky would never crack a 9 so it was a career highlight.

A part of the success is clearly the chemistry between you and Amanda Keller, give us an insight into that relationship, how is it off the air?

We're are the same off air as on, except feistier!

Tell us how you find the aircheck process?

I'd rather paint my anus than go through one with a consultant or a PD.

That said though thanks to the technology we can compare what we're doing against the opposition, we'll put an hour of ours  up against any of the opposition and seen where we're at. We do that once a week.

In addition to WS Breakfast you have hosted My Generation for some time, and this weekend the 700th episode of My Gen will be broadcast, what's the secret to the shows longevity?

When I was with Austereo I hosted mcm's Planet Rock which I thought was great, My Gen blows it out of the water! It's such a great show and great to listen to, there's a visceral spike when you hear it.

Last year you toured with the "Deadliest Catch" live show, as host of the show. How was that?

That was mental!

First night was in Perth and the boys were smashed after an all day bender,  so my first night was a baptism of fire to try and get any sense out of them we got better in other cities and we built up quite a chemistry, they even had groupies following them around, for crab fishermen! You'd think they where the Rolling Stones.

I really miss those guys, we still keep in contact.

Is that the sort of thing you are looking to do more of?

Not really, unless the girls of the lingerie league need some one to moderate their speaking tour.

What was the last station you listened to that wasn't WS?

Smooth fm.

What's your strategy regarding the 'snooze' button on your weekday alarm.

Straight out of bed! Snooze is for girls!

In 10 years what will you be doing?

I was asked that 10 years ago and I said I'd be a excavator operator, so I reckon I'd like to be working on this show!


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