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“If you don’t answer, I’m leaving”: Kyle abandons Jackie O on-air whilst discussing rival network

Jackie O was left to man the golden microphone by herself this morning, after Kyle stormed out of the studio during a discussion about ACRA winners Kate, Tim & Marty.

After not answering the question of whether Jackie O thought Kyle was funnier than Marty Sheargold, Kyle removed his headphones and called for everyone else to vacate the studio, leaving a lost Jackie O to navigate the panel herself.

“Hang on, bear with me listeners,” Jackie said as she ran around to the other side of the desk.

“Oh geez…no seriously, you guys are going to have to come back because I don’t know what I’m doing over here.”

View all of the action below.

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18 Oct 2017 - 5:18 pm

I think it would be bare, so after turning up in a radio studio for the last 17?? odd years Jackie has no idea how to run the desk even when her co-host had some time off for illness……are we supposed to think this was anything but scripted down the last word?