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You possibly saw Burger King (aka Hungry Jacks here in Aust) hit up up Maccas to join forces to create the McWhopper (half Big Mac, half Whopper) together all in the name of charity.

Over in NZ, ZM’s Jase and PJ reached out to their Drive counterparts at The Edge –  Guy, Sharyn & Clint.

PJ and Jase proposed “to bring the wall down between our two shows and join forces this afternoon to raise money for Daffodil day”

The plan was to swap the females on each opposing station for just one hour… how did it go?  


Dear The Edge Afternoons with Guy, Sharyn & Clint,In light of Burger King reaching out to McDonald’s to celebrate…

Posted by ZM’s Jase & PJ on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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