“You can only take so much…”: MAFS’s Bronson talking exclusively to Heidi, Xavier & Ryan

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Bronson MADS

hit92.9’s Heidi, Xavier & Ryan spoke to Bronson from Married At First Sight in an exclusive in-studio chat, saying “it’s been hell” reliving the experience on TV.

“I’ve been trying to forget about the first week,” he said.

We’ve all seen the verbal abuse Bronson experienced from his show wife, Ines, with the whole country up in arms over her treatment of him.

“I was talking to my family throughout the show and giving them hints about how bad it was.

“They just took it on the chin, like ‘He’s probably just over exaggerating,’ and now they’re seeing it, they’re like ‘Holy crap! It was actually pretty bad.”

With the general consensus being Ines is a pretty awful person, Heidi, Xavier & Ryan asked whether the show reflects her true self, or if editing has just made his wife appear in a bad light.

“She comes across pretty bad on the show,” he said.

“There are some good qualities in Ines. When she shines, she really, really shines, but maybe out of a hundred days, one day she’s nice.”

“She’s brutally honest and belittles and puts me down, and kicks me when I’m down.”

“You can only take so much, so I’m doing my best to hold it in. She’s got to come nice sooner or later.”

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