Wippa debuts erotic novel, all for a good cause

Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli, from Nova 96.9’s breakfast team of Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Richie, pushes the boundaries of erotic exploration with the release of the highly anticipated novel The Far Too Personal Trainer. In this captivating work, Wippa invites readers into a world of passion and desire, where the lines between fantasy and reality intoxicatingly blur.

Bet you never thought you’d read that sentence!

Kate Richie said:

When I heard Wippa had written a book I was secretly relieved that it wasn’t a children’s book. I’ve got that covered for the team and it’s safe to say I don’t have any erotic fiction in the works so I’m more than happy for him to be the master of that domain.”

And Fitzy commented:

“You writing a book? You can’t even read a book.”

The story revolves around personal trainer Ben Holder, a man who embodies qualities that many women fantasise about – charisma, youth, athleticism, and incredibly good looks.

Immersed in a complicated lifestyle, where women often find themselves overshadowed by their husband’s flashy cars, to quote Ben:

There’s a lot of married women who feel their husbands are more interested in their fast cars than their wives. I start to train them, their confidence builds, and they begin to feel better about themselves. Then one thing leads to another…”

But short-term gratification is only one side of Ben’s complex story, the other is a man with a broken heart.

Ben longs to forge a genuine connection and knows he needs to grow up. Believing he’s a changed man, Ben is put to the ultimate test when an old flame arrives back in town. Can Ben resist the temptation, or will he revert to his old ways?

There will be celebrity excerpt readings on Nova 96.9 and bonus Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie podcast episodes dedicated to The Far Too Personal Trainer, where Wippa will deconstruct the novel and go deeper into some of the ethical dilemmas and societal issues it raises.

Part of the proceeds from the novel will be donated to the Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation (CRBF), which is a cause close to Wippa’s heart. At age 17, Cooper Rice-Brading’s vision was to change the current trajectory for young sarcoma patients. The aim of CRBF is to fund clinical research to find a cure for sarcoma, while raising awareness of sarcoma in the greater community in an effort to promote early diagnosis, and to provide support for sarcoma patients and their families.

Wippa said:

“10 years ago I did something creatively that I’ve never spoken to anybody about until now, I believed I could write the next Fifty Shades of Grey. I saw how many people in the media have been writing kids books, and wondered, who’s writing for adults? There is a definite gap in the market and I’m here for you!”

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