Why Customers Act the Way They Do

Isn’t it frustrating when your potential customer or client won’t return calls; agree to a meeting; be upfront and honest about their needs or business opportunities; always place difficult objections in front of you and then push hard for a better “deal”?

Why does it happen?

How did it come to this? Who made them so sceptical?

Customers deal with us this way simply because we have trained them that way. Maybe not you personally, but all the other sales people who have dealt with them before you; and in most cases dealt with them unprofessionally.

You know the “reps” (and I use that word in the worse possible way); the “reps” who promise the world and deliver little, the “reps” who only want to talk about their products, who don’t try to uncover needs, aren’t helpful by not seeking mutual solutions, break promises, who only think about their next commission. In truth they make customers react the way they do.

The cure if I can call it that requires time and patience…..we need to create a level of trust by demonstrating how differently we approach things. By the way difference is the key not better – better is for the customer to decide!

10 ideas on making a difference

  1. Seek genuine partnerships
  2. Remember that its WIIFT – what’s in it for them
  3. Focus on the customer’s objectives – not their pain, their needs, or product fit
  4. Nurture and build relationships before you need them
  5. Ask high-value, thought-provoking questions that make a prospect sit up and think
  6. Be an extraordinary listener
  7. Have deep knowledge about the industry you sell in, the operations, the competition, any government rules and the challenges of the customer
  8. Add value at every stage or interaction
  9. Have answers to help mend broken situations – don’t just pitch a product. Find ways to really help
  10. Be genuinely interested in your prospect and their business

About the author: Stephen Pead is a media industry veteran of 30 years with significant experience in sales, sales management and general management. He is based in Sydney and specialises in providing training for salespeople and sales managers.  

Stephen can be contacted on email:  [email protected] 


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