‘Who Killed Bob’ first to use Spotify’s Anchor subscriptions service in Aus

Podshape’sWho Killed Bob’ is the first Australian podcast to implement Spotify’s roll out of the Anchor podcast creation subscriptions service in this country.

The service is now online to 33 new markets outside the US.

In August, Spotify began rolling out Anchor Podcast Subscriptions, giving all US podcasters the ability to publish paid content for their listeners on Spotify.

They’ve since doubled down on this feature by making it available to all creators in 33 new markets around the world including Australia, with new local podcast ‘Who Killed Bob’ by Podshape, being the first to implement the new feature.

Podcast subscriptions on Spotify gives creators more control over how they monetise their content and connect with listeners.

It offers a wide reach, discoverability, and 100% of their subscriber revenue for the first two years of the feature.

After the first two years, a 5% fee will be implemented for creators.

Podcasters using the service will be able to access contact information for their paying subscribers to offer them perks.

The number of pricing points has expanded to 20 options to give creators more flexibility.

Who Killed Bob focuses on murder, intrigue and injustice following the disappearance of Bob Chappell aboard the yacht ‘Four Winds’ in Tasmania in 2009.

Despite there being no body, no murder weapon and no witnesses, Bob’s long-time partner Sue Neill-Fraser was convicted of his murder and imprisoned for 23 years.

Over 10 episodes, psychologist and film producer Eve Ash shares her 13-year journey to uncovering the truth of Who Killed Bob, exposing the shocking and bizarre twists of the case and the unyielding and unfair justice system that sees Sue Neill-Fraser still behind bars as she awaits the outcome of her latest appeal.

Listen to Podshape’s ‘Who Killed Bob’ here: Spotify

Read Spotify’s For the Record blog post about subscriptions here

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