“Who are you, Tony Abbott?”

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ABC 7.30 Report Chief Journo Leigh Sales made headlines Monday night for slamming the PM Tony Abbott after the leadership spill.

This morning Mix 94.5 Clairsy, Shane and Kymba caught up with Leigh.

“Sometimes I go in easy and I think I’ll just let them ease into and give them a sense of security and then go to the one two,” said Leigh.

“Then other times I think it’s better to start with a punch straight to the face.”

A punch she did. Below you can listen to the full chat with Leigh that gives some insight into prepping for interviews with the big movers and shakers.

Kymba also quizzed Leigh on whether she came out with less respect for the PM after the interview than when she went in.

“No, not at all,”

“That would have been a really difficult day for him, I respect that – that he actually showed up because you know it’s going to be a difficult interview”, said Leigh.

You can also view Leigh Sales full interview with the PM here.

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