When I was homeless radio was an escape for me: Kyle Sandilands #AudioUnlimited

“When I was homeless, radio was an escape for me,” Kyle Sandilands told the CRA Audio Unlimited conference today.

Talking about his style, he told Kate Langbroek the core of it is being real:

“When I got married the first time I experienced a real family and how real people talked… what they talked about, but at that time on radio it was deep fake voices and prize winners pretending to be excited, but there were not many real people. I wanted to be real and to bring real people to air…I wanted people to be their authentic selves on air.

“Whatever mood I’m in on the day is what you hear, I don’t have many other skills.

“During covid lockdown I was amazed to think that we were essential workers… me and the ambos and police, Amazing.

Kyle agreed with Kate that radio is an art, and talked about how he tailors the content of his show in different hours depending on the audience, such as Tradies in the 6am hour and parents doing school drop off in the 7am hour.

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3 Nov 2022 - 6:49 pm

For once I’d like to hear someone go “Yeh, I just dance around like a fool! I’m clearly not being myself. Noone wants real authenticity”.


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