What’s that smell ?

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Yesterday afternoon 4BC in Brisbane went off-air. Was a wrong button pushed, maybe lightning strike ?


A python had crawled into the transmitter room, entered the power board, then bridged two of the three phases of electricity powering the transmitter site, then *zap* – bye bye snake (and bye bye 4BC for a while).

4BC Chief Engineer, Steve Exton said…

"Our stand-by generator kicked in to restore the power but significant damage had been sustained by some switchboard components, and our computer control systems shut down the site to prevent any further damage. Some reconfiguring was required to make the site operational again temporarily, but we will need to shut down the system again at some stage to give it all a thorough clean, and to rebuild the damaged sections. The worst bit of it all is the smell!"

See more at the 4BC website here

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