What You Give Is What You Get

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We can all turn any setback into our favour by making the effort to find something positive about it. This may be demanding but in the end it is by far the best course of action to take.

Genuinely positive thinking is more than merely repeating dry mantras. Thinking positively does not mean however that we disregard the negative things which come along, but rather we put into action the real energy required to invalidate and change these things, and this will take action and courage.

True positive thinking is about dealing with the truth, this means seeing and dealing with the positive, as well as the negative side of any circumstance. However, genuinely positive thought chooses to give effort and sustenance to all the positive aspects.

Thinking positively demands effort (action), and that is why it works so well. It takes effort to see the positive side of things when everyone else sees only the dark side. Yet it is this action that distinguishes winners from losers. It is this action that inspires all great accomplishments. But what should be the focus of our positive thinking?

Should we be thinking about winning, productivity, or achieving money goals? Should we be thinking about being salesperson of the month, or thinking about how much money we can take from our wealthy client?

What motivates us to action is just as crucial as the act of positive thought itself. So what are your motives? What wakes you up and gets you out of bed; turns you on and gets you in front of your clients?

If your motive is to give, you will find you will receive. If your motive is to teach, the result is you will learn. When your motive is to harm, you’ll eventually be hurt. If your motive is to deceive, you will find yourself cheated. If your motive is to take, you will in the end be taken. When your motive is to appreciate, you will be admired. And when your motive is to help, you yourself will be helped and so on.

So what you give, is what you get because the truth is that we cannot flee the consequence of our own motives – they will always come back to haunt us, always. You will move forward or back through life depending on the particular motives with which you choose to act. The honesty and integrity of our motives will directly affect the quality of our life. So look directly at the actuality of the world around you and enjoy the vast benefits of true, properly motivated positive thinking.


Sell without regret. 


Michael Tate: Sales Director International – NRS Media 

A foundation employee during its initial five year start-up phase Michael Tate has returned to NRS Media after 15 years of working internationally to take up tenure as the company’s Sales Director in its International office.

Michael has a vast knowledge of effective media use, advertising and advertising sales management built over the last 25 years working with some of the world’s largest TV and radio groups. 

He is a highly sought after key-note speaker and advertising sales trainer at major industry bodies like the Radio Advertising Bureau, the Texas Broadcasters Association, and the Oregon Association of Broadcasters. Tate has successfully worked with advertising sales managers, their staff and clients in 12 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Norway, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Australia.

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