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triple j finished up their 20 years of the Hottest 100 countdown this afternoon by revealing the most voted for song as being Wonderwall by Oasis (the full list is below).

triple j’s Music Director Richard Kingsmill said: “You pick up a guitar, one of the first songs you learn is ‘Wonderwall’. It comes on the radio and you can’t help but sing-a-long. Those are some great opening lines too. And if you can’t hit the notes, it’s OK, it’s a wonderfully forgiving song to be off key in.

But the real magic of the song is Noel’s lyrics. You picture someone in your life every time you hear it. It’s one of those love/friendship songs that everyone can relate to.

Like the best songs, if it comes from a real place, then it can’t help but resonate with people for years to come. It was an exciting time in triple j’s history when Oasis released their Morning Glory record. There was so much excitement for ‘Wonderwall’ and the rest of the album. It’s nice to see it’s still considered such a special moment from the last 20 years.”

triple j say the most amount of votes came from 22 – 25 year olds, with 25 year olds sending in the most votes of anyone.

Some stats from the 100 were :-

The earliest track to make the cut was Nirvana’s classic ‘Heart Shaped Box’, while the most recent song is Of Monsters & Men’s ‘Little Talks’.

Several artists had multiple entries, including Daft Punk, Silverchair and The Killers with three songs each, followed by Beastie Boys, Gorillaz, Gotye, Jebediah, Jeff Buckley, MGMT, Powderfinger, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead with two songs each.

14 previous #1 Hottest 100 songs appear in the list by artists Oasis, Angus & Julia Stone, Augie March, Franz Ferdinand, Gotye, Jet, Kings Of Leon, The Whitlams, The Cranberries, Spiderbait, Queens Of The Stone Age, Powderfinger, Muse and Mumford & Sons.

1997 stood out as the year with the most popular songs with 11 songs from the countdown released that year. There are 49 songs from the 1990s (1993 – 1999) and 51 songs from the 2000s (2000 – 2012).

41 songs were penned by American artists, 29 by Aussies and 25 by UK artists, with three songs from France and one each for Ireland and Iceland.

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