What Happens Next? podcast asks if escapism can go too far


We all like to escape daily life occasionally, even if it’s just to binge-watch MAFS on the couch. But can we go too far? What are the consequences of losing ourselves in our latest pop culture obsession?

These questions lie at the heart of the latest two-part series from Monash University’s award-winning What Happens Next? podcast, which focuses on the drawbacks and benefits of escapism.

Hosted by Dr Susan Carland, the episodes explore concepts such as pseudo-nostalgia, which whisks us away to pasts that never really existed, live action role-play (LARP), video games, reality television and even drug addiction.

The series investigates the profound power of escapism, the hazy line between fiction and reality and the delicate balance between healthy indulgence and potential addiction.

What Happens Next? is available on all major podcast platforms.

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