What did Libby Trickett refuse to answer about Steph Rice?

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Whilst playing #SlapChat with b105’s Stav & Abby this morning, Olympic golden girl Libby Trickett was asked one question that she refused to answer about Stephanie Rice and another that perhaps she wish she hadn’t answered at all. Either way, it didn’t end well for Stav and there’s a video to prove it.

The Question: Do you like Stephanie Rice as a person?

With Libby answering with a slap to Stav’s face, Stav & Abby had no choice but to assume there’s some bad blood between the two swimming superstars?

https://radiotoday.com.au/music/libby trickett slap chat 20012015.mp3

Libby was then asked if she had ever made a home movie, (yep cue 70’s music now – you know the type of “movie”). It was a question Libby had to answer truthfully.

When probed by Abby, Trickett admitted that she had but it’s since been deleted in her words.


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