“We have stories to share beyond those of worry”: Dan Gregg on launching a LGBT & female focused podcast network

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It’s hard to start your own business. No one knows this better than Dan Gregg, the brains behind brand new podcasting network, Lipp Media, a space specifically for the stories of women and the LGBT+ community.

“I wanted to make sure that those voices were heard and in different ways as well. Often, the queer kind of story is that we’re incredibly held down and we have all these problems.

“We do and we can’t drop the ball on that either. But, we’re also just really funny entertaining, loving people,” Gregg said.

“And we have stories to share beyond those stories of worry.”

The network was launched last week with three original, diverse podcasts; The Gays Are Revolting, a weekly news story, Cher and Retweet, a comedic and necessary deep dive down Cher’s Twitter feed, and Word of The Gay, an educational dissection of common words in the queer vernacular.

“I think it’s nice that LGBT people to see a broader spectrum of people that they can look up to and identify with,” Gregg said.

“There’s a typical caricature of a gay man, for example, in media at large and its kind of one type of person and there are so many different types of people that identify under the LGBT umbrella.

“It’s important that all the different voices are represented. And obviously, that’s a really difficult thing to do…”

Noticing a gap in the market for the tales that need to be told, Gregg is willing to put his money where his mouth in to shine a light where there have previously been shadows.

“I’m proud to be who I am and I’m proud to, in my own little way, represent the queer people that I am representing with these shows. I’m happy to stand up for myself.”

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