‘We can’t interrupt the consumer experience’

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This mornings session on “Thriving in an Owned, Earned and Paid World” at the CRA conference was moderated by Paul McIntrye from MCN.

On the panel was Ian Perrin from ZenithOptimedia, Clay Gill from Mindshare Experience, Vijay Solanki from SCA and Dan Robins from OMD.

General impressions from the session participants:

The days of the 30 second radio ad may be over. It’s important to not interrupt the consumer experience. Too many advertisers just buy spots and then interrupt consumers all day.

We need to unite Paid, Owned and Earned to solve our clients problems. Gone are the days of starting brands campaigns with a 60 second TV spot. Marketing departments are now merging all silos of media (tv, radio, PR) into one campaign.

It’s now an issue of trust. Who can brands trust to get their message out there. In the past in house PR mangers don’t have the skills to be across all areas of integrated advertising.

The question that needs to be asked is DO WE REALLY LIKE ADVERTS…..NO. So clients need to get smart with how they get their brands out to market, because the traditional ad is becoming a thing of the past.

The important point is that Owned and Earned media can’t, and won’t, replace Paid advertising. The three must now start working together for better results. Solutions are no longer the 30 second spot, rather all of the assets brands now have across all platforms of the business, than just buying more spots in Kyle and Jackie O’s show.

For radio, that may now take the form of on air talent becoming a brand ambassador. We now need to leverage our available talent, our digital platforms, our you tube channels, and social media outlets as well as the ultimate mega phone in our radio frequencies.

Heineken House at Luna ParkThe risks lie in Brands are now looking at getting direct relationships with consumers rather than renting audience from traditional media.

This may see clients try to create content and connection and loading it straight to the consumers through Facebook, or like Nescafe who know load content/adverts straight to Tumblir.

The future is leverage media. How does traditional media leverage existing consumer relationships with new brands. For example: 

  • Heineken using UBER to get consumers to the best Heineken bars in town.
  • Heineken throw a supporter party at Luna Park, using the goodwill of Luna Park to attract new relationships.

Budgets are changing in how clients now spend on advertising, from traditional media to consumer interaction, which for them is closer to a consumer sale, through events, experiences and interesting marketing.


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