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Keegs has been the afternoon announcer at Fox FM for just over a year, only 2 years after he got his start in Bendigo.

He has been interviewed on Spotd, a Talent Discovery Platform, about how his radio career began. "I didn’t even think I wanted to be on-air, I was a pretty shy kid who didn’t speak that much, so everyone had a bit of a chuckle when I asked if I could throw together a demo. It must have been alright, because they offered me the workday announcer gig after hearing it."

He reveals his first shift on the Fox was "the most terrifying 4 hours of my life."

"Shamefully, I’d fallen into the habit of voice tracking all my breaks (it’s really easy in NexGen), so here I was having to do everything live. Every break live, all the panelling is manual, all on the biggest station in the country. But wow, what a rush! That’s such a radio geek thing to say, but that’s the only way to do a music shift. If you leave it in auto, you’re doing it wrong."

Who was he inspired by when he first started ? Keegs says, "Everybody I could! But a lot of MC and Tim Lee when I started as a workday jock. MC is an extremely talented, natural communicator and executes breaks with surgical precision. He makes it seem effortless. Please don’t let him read this.

"Tim on the other hand was the polar opposite, totally unpredictable. It blew me away how he could find a wildly original angle for even the most mundane break."

He also has some advice for up and coming announcers. Keegs says:

"People will tell you “don’t take no for an answer”, “be persistent”, “get in people’s faces”

"True. But with all the time you spend marketing yourself, don’t forget to actually be good at what you do. Sure, your next job won’t just land in your lap, but content directors are actively searching for talent all the time. No matter how many people you send your CV to each week, make sure that first and foremost you’re dedicating time to become a better announcer."

Read more from the chat with Keegs on Spotd.

Keegs also recently strapped a GoPro to his head during a Fox weekend shift and filmed this video aircheck.


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