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Co-Founder and Insights Director

I have long believed that listeners are not just numbers. They are real people, who want to interact with you, and make a difference.

So today I’m excited to introduce you to InsiderFocus. Our fun, easy-to-use, cloud platform, custom-built from the ground up, for conversations and creativity.

Radio research and listener relationship management are rapidly changing. People want to be closely involved with their favourite brands, like product team Insiders. With backstage access, having two-way conversations, influencing content, promotions and brand-values.

My goal was to design a "right-brain" tool that breaks down the traditional "left-brain", one-way message channels. Whether between listeners and product teams, sales clients and their customers, or within a station or network.

Endless possibilities, or as we like to say, imagine IF

InsiderFocus blends updated focus group elements with social media techniques and visual tools, to engage people in online discussions. Whether in one sitting, or dipping in and out anytime, anywhere at their convenience.

The key is to keep it stimulating and moving along like speed-dating, as participants customise their own avatars, watch videos, listen to audio, vote on topics, and post comments&replies. And the built-in SMS alerts will summon the troops, whenever there's a new activity up for play.

A major feature of InsiderFocus is the interactive whiteboard for a wide range of creative activities, that draws and displays content  in real-time as you're watching. Or turn it into a Pinboard for the group's shared images.

And at any stage, you can produce transcripts of conversations and highlighted posts, images of the whiteboard, or text export to a word-cloud. Ready for instant input to product team meetings.

Organising your projects behind-the-scenes is also easy to follow. The user-friendly dashboard steps you through the tasks of managing the Participant-Panel, customising HTML invitations with graphics and video, and keeping track of response&participation rates.


As just one example, you could create a premium Insider group of your most influential listeners, joining your team for content feedback, promotions and client idea-storming, or even prepping a show with the presenters.

There's more information on InsiderFocus features, how-it-works, and how to arrange a hands-on demo for your team at

Thanks for your time!

Eriks Celmins

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