Ty Frost treading the boards

Smoothfm morning announcer Ty Frost is getting out of the studio and stepping onto the stage for a week long run of the play “It’s a Dad Thing”.

It’s opening night tonight and while admitting to a few ‘first night’ nerves, Ty says he’s looking forward to performing in front of a live audience for the first time in 17 years.

“It’s a funny thing about being a radio announcer, you can be surrounded by your four walls in the studio and nobody could be listening.  You don’t really know.

So having a live audience and having somebody to give you immediate feedback is a different kettle of fish all together”.

The play was written in 2000 by a group of Melbourne dads. Ty plays “Michael”; a married father of two boys and a daughter from a previous ‘encounter’.

It was a play and a character that Ty fell in love with from the start.

“It really is a delightful play about some fathers getting together to build a community play ground.  They relate stories about their families, the funny things that happen with the kids and how stupid men can be sometimes.

“Our main problem is that it’s a pretty funny play and the challenge is not breaking up laughing with the audience. But, I’m really looking forward to having a full audience and using those nerves to help create a magic energy on stage.”

Now that the ‘acting bug’ has taken another bite, Ty says he’d like to continuing treading the boards, although his first love is radio.

“It has re-ignited my passion for the medium.  And it’s good to have something ‘more’ to do. Being a radio announcer isn’t the busiest of jobs, if you know what I mean.  

It’s nice to have something extra to do that isn’t sitting on the couch drinking wine”.

“It’s a Dad Thing” is on being performed by the Sherbrook Theatre Company at the Doncaster Playhouse in Melbourne until next Saturday.

Tickets available here.

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