The launch of TTT FM, this day in 1990

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The station that started its life as TTT FM, and is now Sea FM in Hobart, switched on at 4pm on this day (July 4) in 1990.

Below are some press clippings from the launch of Hobart's first commercial FM station, including pics of Morning Zoo announcers Carol Duncan and Mark Robinson, their boss John Bender, night announcer Dave Carter and their drive jock, a very young Jason Staveley.

Our fave line : "TTT promises casual and snappy 'lifestyle radio'"

Current station PD Rod Maldon has also shared some old audio with us including the launch piece for TTT FM …..

or hear it here

or hear it here

Hot 30
or hear it here

100 Minute Music Marathon
or hear it here
or hear it here




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28 Feb 2019 - 4:49 am

Ahhh good ol’ TTT!
That is a very much missed, fun local FM station in Greater Hobart that revitalised an old fashioned and dreary radio scene in the city at the time (1990).
Was the first commercial licence to be granted since 1937!
Its follow-ups (SEA-FM and now HIT 100.9) certainly don’t have the same local flavour or interest that TTT did and most certainly don’t get involved in the community like TTT did.
Sea-FM and HIT 100.9 are basically faceless, mainland stations just pumped in. A real pity.
Valè TTT-FM 1990-2003.


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