TRN take ‘the next step in the future of radio’

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TRN in New Zealand are set to utilise the iHeartRadio platform in a unique way in 2014.

Polly Gillespie and Grant Kereama (ZM Breakfast) will also now host their own music station on iHeartRadio, playing the best music and airing interviews with the stars. Versions of 'The Polly and Grant Show' will also be heard on all TRN stations.

TRN Chief Content Officer, Dean Buchanan (right) says:

"Polly and Grant are considered to be amongst the very best radio stars internationally. Polly's incredible warmth, humour and connection with her fans and Grant’s classic Kiwi persona have made them household names that many New Zealanders relate to. Having their own show on the iHeartRadio platform means anyone can listen and connect to them. Featuring this show in various ways across TRN’s stations will be a winning formula."

TRN CEO, Jane Hastings (left) says:

"(On iHeartRadio) we have been trialling different options such as ‘Ultimate Access’ and ‘Rock Anthems’. Ultimate Access connects with 13–18 year olds and is designed and managed by teens. Rock Anthems is designed by Rock Enthusiasts and both are starting to take off given they are targeted and relevant.

"We are now ready to take the next step in the future of radio. Polly Gillespie is New Zealand’s leading female entertainment broadcaster, personally requested as the interviewer of choice by the stars. This is why Polly will spearhead TRN’s digital music platform with a show that will also feature in various formats across TRN’s stations."

Gillespie says, “I’m all about new frontiers, I just love the challenge. Radio is changing constantly and we have to not only be up with it, but ahead of it. I’m a big fan of evolution, fashion and change. It’s really exciting and of course a tiny bit scary!

“I’m intrigued with how it integrates with our lives. Being in contact with listeners and readers is now 24/7. There is no switching off, no closing time and no set hours for listening. We want what we want, who we want, and what we are interested in NOW. Not in six hours, not tomorrow NOW. It’s an on-demand world and we must be on demand everywhere.

"The digital age is completely upon us and embracing the new age feels invigorating and intriguing. Today’s radio is significantly tied in with social media and I love that multi-platform, the immediacy, and the direct communication because it’s instant and constantly moving, so when you combine that with the iHeartRadio platform – BOOM! 

“This is a new TRN company direction in fact it’s ground-breaking. Given I’m a competitive, passionate, 100 per cent kind of gal, you can only imagine how excited I am about this move to lead iHeartRadio while still continuing to connect with ZM listeners and reach a broader audience on Classic Hits and ZB.”

The launch will happen on iHeartRadio on January 13.

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