Triple M 102.3 finds the podium in Townsville, Hit 103.1 plummets: Xtra Insights

The Townsville Survey 1, 2023 results have been released, showing Hit 103.1 taking a -6.2 whack in the 10+ audience, putting Triple M 102.3 at the top of the region’s radio food chain. 

10+ Snapshot: 

  • 20.2 (-0.1) – Triple M 102.3
  • 18.6 (-6.2) – Hit 103.1
  • 14.7 (0.6) – Star 106.3

Hit 103.1 has had major drops across all age demographics except for the 55-64 bracket. The biggest among them was a -12.3 loss in the 10-17 and -8.7 in the 25-39 audience. 

As a result of Hit dropping significantly, Triple M 102.3 has ‘done a Bradbury’ and become the most listened-to station in the region despite showing mixed results across demographics. 

Another big movement in the region is triple j’s -11.8 plummet in the 18-24 target audience. Interestingly, triple j had a 5.7 increase in the 25-39 demographic. 

Star 106.3 and Power 100 have both had success in the 10-17 and 18-24 demographics, with smaller movements in other brackets. 

In time slots, Hit 103.1 has fallen in all areas, putting Triple M in front for Breakfast, Morning, Afternoon and Weekends. Despite the losses, Hit still managed to hold onto Drive and Evenings.

Steve ‘Pricey’ Price of Townsville’s Triple M 102.3 has taken Breakfast in his final survey ever. 

SCA Head of Regional Content, Blair Woodcock, sung praises for Pricey as he heads into retirement.
“What a day for SCA in Townsville,” he said.
“Congratulations to Townsville icon, Steve ‘Pricey’ Price in his last radio survey today with both a #1 result for his breakfast show, and for Triple M.
“After 32 years behind the microphone for Breakfast this is a truly fitting result. Congratulations Pricey, and to the entire Triple M Team.

“And next door, some amazing results for Hit103.1, smashing their under 40 and 25-54 demographics across day-parts. The entire team have a tremendous reason to celebrate today!”

See the full results of the Townsville Survey 1 for 2023 below. 


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Ya kidding
26 Sep 2023 - 3:15 pm

A bloke does 30+ years of Breakky radio in a town, wins his last survey ever and there’s no mention? Come on guys

spin master
28 Sep 2023 - 7:51 am

plumets to 18 points, to take out #2 and win Pu40 and other key demo’s.
great work from radio today on keeping the industry alive with positive headlines!


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