Toni & Ryan meet loyal fans across the USA and Canada


With a huge following across the globe, Spotify podcasters Toni & Ryan have been on a mission to meet their loyal fans across the USA and Canada over the past few weeks.

With their podcast charting strongly on the Spotify Comedy Chart in the US – their second biggest following outside of Australia – Toni & Ryan decided it was time to meet their US and Canadian TARP fans who’ve shared their stories, joined live streams and contributed to their podcast over the past two and a half years.

During their fast-paced tour that spanned nearly 25 days, Toni & Ryan were met with huge crowds of loyal fans at each meet and greet across the country.

Touching down in the USA on 25 October, they kicked off their American adventure with a lively meet and greet in Dallas.

Their journey continued to Nashville. Huge crowds also awaited them in Louisville, Indianapolis and Chicago.

In Chicago, some dedicated TARP fans decided to commemorate the occasion with tattoos. Toni & Ryan agreed to create a one-of-a-kind design for them, resulting in a permanent reminder of the encounter – an inked jar of Vegemite substituting ‘TARP’ and Toni & Ryan’s initials for the iconic spread label.

The momentum continued as they crossed over the border into Toronto.

Next stop was New York, where the duo lived out a dream to make a cameo on kiss cam at a New York Knicks game.

Set to record their podcast at Spotify Head Office in NY, a post described as hot, fun garbage, the Spotify team organised a warm welcome for Toni & Ryan with a colossal billboard on Seventh Street near Penn Station, proclaiming ‘This podcast is absolute garbage.’

Arriving in Las Vegas, Toni & Ryan ignited another round of excitement at a meet and greet with their dedicated fans. The duo then attended the wedding of TARP fans Kelly and Matt at the Las Vegas Chapel. After their wedding was ruined by COVID, Kelly reached out to Toni & Ryan for support and the duo used their f**k it fund to help the couple organise a wedding in Vegas.

Spending their last few days of their TARP tour in LA, Toni & Ryan returned to Australia late last week.

Toni says “We’ve gone through about 90 different time zones, met so many American and Canadian TARPers, and signed books, boobs and butts. If this isn’t a dream job, I don’t know what is!”

Ryan Jon says “The show wouldn’t be what it is without our North American TARPers so the least we could do was come over and say hi and thank you. We weren’t expecting the lines to stretch for hours but it’s so good to put faces to the names of so many people who’ve shared their stories, joined live streams and been part of our Patreon community.”

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