Thunders behaving badly

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Some amusing photos from The Vault today. These shots were taken in 1993 on a beach at Kurnell in Sydney, when the promotions staff clearly decided they needed more excitement in their day than handing out icy cold cans of coke could provide. 

The post-script to the photos is that the Black Thunder with the number plate '2Day5' mysteriously stalled later that day. Following a visit from the NRMA, water was found in the distributor cap. Surprisingly, nobody had any idea as to how that could have happened.

So who were the drivers? We'll tell you at the bottom of the photos:


Be honest, which of us involved in driving station vehicles hasn't done some crazy stuff! Drivers of the Black Thunders on this cloudy day at Kurnell were: Peter Clay, Michael O'Connor, Julian Ledlin and Luke Downs.

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