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It’s been a big 2015 in radio, and as the year wraps up we are asking a bunch of you three quick questions.

Next up it’s Blair Woodcock, Regional QLD Content Director for SCA Queensland.

Biggest challenge facing you and the Queensland Regional group in the next 12-months?

I think the biggest challenge we always face is bettering ourselves.

The content SCA stations have produced in Regional QLD  throughout the year has been incredible; a 24hr Relay up Castle Hill in Townsville raising money for Mental Health, Tanya Hennessey getting over 1 million views on a YouTube video within a week making it snow in Tropical Nth QLD,  to creating so much hype and engagement for a 30 year old movie with Back To The Future Day!

Moving forward in 2016 I know our teams across the state are already planning their next big stunts and content arcs and I can’t wait to see them come into fruition!


The year in review, what are you most pleased with from 2015.

Couldn’t look past our Townsville survey results.

It was a dream result for us.

4TO FM #1, HOT FM #2 – and when you break down the demo splits, they both sat perfectly and owned their own pieces of the pie.

The entire team in Townsville worked their butts off to produce those results and it was great to that hard work in pay off.

And with over 30 years in the North, Pricey still reigns supreme!

I don’t think there’s any stopping that man!


Favourite song of 2015 or Worst one

Toughest question ever!

There’s been so many! Macklemore, Ed, the introduction of Conrad (and the Sewell family), Lunchmoney Lewis – it might be easier just to name one I don’t want to hear again – Wizz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth – See You Again.

Maybe it’s just overkill, but I’m done with it.

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