This Is Pandora – Jane Huxley Part 1

Pandora Internet Radio is not some overnight thing; it has been on the scene for nearly 16 years. The Managing Director behind it in Australia and New Zealand is Jane Huxley.

Jane is the first one to say that Pandora is “Very focussed on our listeners” and more “We are un-apologetic in taking our rightful place in the music streaming market”.

Commercial Radio and Pandora are each competing for a share of ear; and while we know Pandora has pure music covered, what about On-Air Talent? Is that the next frontier for them in our market?

We talk about their move into Branded consumer channels, customised radio for Woolworths across the country. And while we might assign a handful of type and sound codes to a song card, Pandora enters about 450 unique characteristics about each and every song they have. But how does their genome project actually work?

This is Pandora’s Jane Huxley Part 1.



In part 2 – can Pandora track and compare its listening to commercial radio? And we delve into what’s next for the brand in the region and more.

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