This is Heidi, Will & Woody – Part 1

Heidi, Will & Woody have been together on breakfast on hit92.9 for over two years now. We caught up with the guys for a chat. What lessons have each of them learned since doing radio?  Is it  A: to “Not give a shit” or B: “The Fuck it attitude” or is it both?

How important is it for them to have a profile beyond being on the radio? Heidi Anderson is going great guns with her writing profile, what drives that content?

And what did Wil Anderson tell the guys when he was in the studio, that has stuck with Heidi, Will & Woody to this day?

In part two with Heidi Will & Woody we talk about the people who have help shaped their careers so far…  And what does, now FOX FM CD, Adrian Brine have in his office from Will & Woody about their early days and aircheck sessions together?


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