There’s more to podcasting than meets the ears


When news broke that Toni Lodge and Ryan Jon Dunn had struck an exclusive podcast deal that would launch them into the Spotify stratosphere, it was met with a mixture of industry excitement and – let’s face it – envy.

And no wonder.

A reportedly lucrative, multi-year deal. A committed global following. Sharing stable space with the likes of Joe Rogan, the Obamas – even Harry and Meghan.

It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

There’s simple a lesson in this for all of us: Work hard, and you reap the rewards, not to mention the downloads (in Toni & Ryan’s case, we’re talking 1.3 million in a single month).

But what are the ingredients that make podcast gold?

ARN’s Head of Digital Audio Corey Layton tells Radio Today the most successful podcasts are the ones that cater to the overall sensory experience.

“Without a doubt, successful shows capture not only the ears of listeners via their podcast but their eyes via TikTok and Instagram and their minds via Facebook groups and events.”

“Building a community is core to a podcast’s ongoing success and drives the passion of listeners well beyond the podcast itself.”

This certainly rings true for Lodge and Dunn.

Despite limited resources, the pair worked tirelessly from the get-go, writing all their own material, constantly coming up with engaging video content for social media and building a dedicated following from the ground up.

Lodge and Dunn have said from the outset they believe their honesty is key to their success. And with honesty comes relatability.

But it’s much, much more than that.

Spotify says authenticity and chemistry between hosts are two of the major qualities it looks for in a podcast, and Lodge and Dunn have them in spades.

Initially, they recorded video content for Lodge to use in her search for a job. The delicious irony is that the podcast itself has now become a full-time job.

It CAN be done, and it’s inspired people of all ages in the podcasting sphere to reach for the stars.

But where to start?

Spotify’s advice to anyone wanting to get their podcast noticed is to draw your inspiration from featured creators.

“Creators are fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing source of inspiration on Spotify: other talented creators.”

Spotify is pointing podcasters in the direction of its recently launched Creator Space, a hub specially designed for this very purpose.

The Creator Space features curated shows and episodes that fall into three different, regularly updated categories: Indie Podcast Picks, How to Podcast, and Featured Video Podcasts.

“Use these spaces to envision where your podcast could fit, and work towards that goal of one day being featured yourself.”

“The Podcast Editorial team is always listening and paying attention.”

Toni & Ryan will migrate to Spotify on August 8.

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20 Jul 2022 - 7:04 am

Congratulations Ryan and Toni. I’ve followed Ryan’s “ overnight success “ for many years now. Anyone who is envious reading about their Spotify deal instead of motivated by it, is in the wrong business.

20 Jul 2022 - 2:52 pm

Jesus….are these two 15 mins up yet?

20 Jul 2022 - 5:18 pm

This is great news and thoroughly deserved. FYI – Em Rusciano was the first Australian Spotify exclusive over a year ago, on a multi year deal, she’s killing it over on Spotify.

22 Jul 2022 - 7:39 am

Good on em it’s actually funny. One of my regular listens driving home from work.
Nice to see Spotify supporting our local talent. These guys are seriously good.


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