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It’s been five years since DAB+ launched in the country, and the latest Commercial Radio Australia research is showing some good growth for the Digital Radio platform.

Overall it shows awareness, and sales continue to outperform expectations – with nearly 1.7 million digital radio devices having been sold.


  • Nearly 100,000 vehicles sold with DAB+ and now available in 16 Australian vehicle brands.
  • 2.8 million people or 21.4% are listening to DAB+ digital radio each week in the five state capital cities.
  • Nearly 1.2 million more people listen to DAB+ digital radio than radio on internet.
  • 1.8 million digital radio devices sold (includes the 100,000 vehicles).
  • Australian household penetration of DAB+ is tracking ahead of forecast at 23.3%


Commercial Radio Australia CEO, Joan Warner said: “Five years on Australians are embracing digital radio.  Listening to live, local radio in the car is important to our listeners and the number of vehicles sold with a DAB+ digital radio is an outstanding result, showing great support from the automotive industry in Australia.”

Official data relating to DAB+ digital radio in Australia was released by Commercial Radio Australia (CRA)  in the 2014 Digital Radio Report, it's the fifth report and includes survey data from GfK, plus information from GfK’s consumer electronics market research division, market research organisation the Hoop Group, and updated tracking of household penetration forecast from PwC. 

The DAB+ Push

A new marketing push is also about to kick off as well. The industry is again getting behind the new marketing to drive awareness of digital radio in the five cities with it tied around the launch of a new outdoor billboard and bus side campaign, plus a new series of On-Air ads just in time for Father’s Day. 



How and Where DAB+ is being used

  • At home listening dominates DAB+ listening, taking two thirds of the pie or 69%. Overall TSL at home has increased this round.
  • For in Car listening, another plus where it has more than doubled. Up to 10.8% for 2014.
  • At Work TSL for DAB+ remains strong and holds 18% of all listening.


Time Spent Listening to DAB+

TSL for DAB+ sits on average 9 hours and 33 minutes dedicated to DAB+ digital radio each week.

  • 10-17’s clock up an average of 4 hours and 22 minutes each week, up from 2 hours and 29 minutes
  • 18-24 year olds listen for 6 hours and 40 minutes in an average week.
  •  The key broad  demo for many stations, 25-39 year olds listen for an average of 7 hours and 20 minutes, up from 4 hours and 4 minutes in 2009.
  • 40-55 year olds listen for 10 hours and 4 minutes in an average week – almost double from 2009.  
  • The Older end for DAB+ went through the roof, with those aged 55+ now listening for 14 hours and 10 minutes each week, up from 7 hours and 22 minutes. 

How they are using DAB+

From the research, it show almost half (45%) of DAB+ digital radio owners confirmed that they now listen to more radio.

  • In 2014, 42% of respondents indicated that they now only listen to radio via a DAB+ digital radio and 58% of people listen to both analogue and DAB+ digital radio.
  • Almost half (48%) of people agree that they prefer listening to DAB+ digital radio and 39% of people with access to DAB+ digital radio now listen to analogue radio only in their car.

CRA reports, that there is an expectation that as more cars include a DAB+ digital radio as standard the less likely people will listen to analogue radio in the car, opting instead for DAB+ digital radio.


Still MORE DAB+ work to be done

The CRA report also highlights there is still more work to be done to ensure furture growth.In  Joan Warners Excutive summary it says:

"Looking ahead, it is important to ensure access to broadcast DAB+ digital radio via smartphones. Work is underway on the most cost effective way to achieve this goal. Research shows the majority of consumers want DAB+ broadcast chips in phones, with 60% of respondents to a recent survey stating that they would benefit from having a DAB+ broadcast chip in their mobile phone."


You can download and confirm all the DAB+ facts and figures bly clicking this link:  2014 Digital Radio Report



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