“The Worst Hot dog I’ve ever eaten” but he will never forget it.

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If Jules got smashed last week on the ice with the 2Day BlackOut Challenge, then Merrick got hammered by of all things, a Hotdog.

But no ordinary dog, Merrick ate Australia’s hottest hot dog layered with 'XXXXX sauce', which is 900 times hotter than a jalapeño.


No-one has ever finished the Hottest Hot Dog; with a maximum of 3 bites eaten. Merrick successfully ate 4 bites.

But later, after heading home, his panicked wife Georgie called producers, with Merrick violently ill with sharp pains in the stomach – ouch!

‘XXXXX Sauce’ is the hottest legal sauce on the planet and has a Scoville heat count of 1.45 million –  almost the equivalent of consuming police grade pepper spray.


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