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For whatever reason, there seems to be plenty of 3XY Melbourne material to place into 'The Vault'. We posted some great announcer-specific jingles earlier – including one about Radio Today's own Greg Smith. You can hear them here.

Today, we post another collection of 3XY Jingles. Some were given the feel of hit artists or songs of that the era, and some were for Rocktober. Have a listen;

Remember Misex?

The Doobies were big at the time. 

It wasn't the 70's without Foreigner.

Nobody's sure who this was meant to sound like.

And it was Melbourne, so Aussie Rules had to have one.

And onto Rocktober, which has probably had more jingles over the years that any one radio associated brand. Here's a few of them from 3XY featuring a who's who of the Melbourne music scene at the time;

The late Shirley Strachan was up for it.

As was Mark Holden.

And what a voice from Glenn Shorrock!

Ol' 55 were massive then, and Frankie J had a crack.

And would you believe Norman Gunston?

And we're not quite sure what Marc Hunter was on about. Something about a horse.


Anything you have that you think should be in 'The Vault', send it through here.


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