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Heart 107.3 in Hobart was once 7HT.

Below are a bunch of pics from 7HT in the 70s / 80s including their hit music logo, many of their personalities and even a newspaper ad on what listeners have to do when filling out a survey.

Our thanks to Peter Hughes for sharing these with us.

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Hit music logo 76-83 Adrian Johnston
Survey result Bill Kannane
7HT Double Decker Bus 7HT Breakfast
How to survey 7HT Buggy
7HT Sport 7HT Caravan
Breakfast OB in Darwin Production on New Town Rd.
7HT Compact Disc show Cyril
Ron Christie & Cyril breakfast Tim & Donnie


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John morgan
3 May 2023 - 11:38 am

Just asking will Ron Christie be travelling e cit to London for the coronation as he travelled to London for Charles a Diana’s wedding. He claimed to have been to school with Charles when in Australia?


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