‘The stupidest ad you will ever see’

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Former 2UE presenter Michael Smith has posted a piece on his website talking about 'the stupidest ad you will ever see'.

He is referring to the current 2UE print ad that targets advertisers of the station.

See it below :-


On his site Smith says:

"This is the stupidest move by a publicly listed company you will see for a long, long time.  

"It's brought to you by the same team that delivered advertisers the lowest 2UE breakfast show ratings in 90 years.

"The stupidest ad you will ever see.

"The Fairfax Radio Network ad is aimed at advertisers, not listeners, but it is hard to find a stakeholder group in the Fairfax Radio universe not insulted.

"The message for Fairfax Radio listeners is 'Our radio stations sound like the ABC with ads. If you'd like to hear the ABC with ads, listen to us. If you'd like to hear the ABC, well, listen to the ABC like we do. We think they're pretty good and we'd like to be like them. That's why we put them in this ad. How good are we? As good as the ABC with ads'".

"For Fairfax Radio Network staff the message from management is, 'You don't know what to do. We don't know what to do either. We think you should do what the ABC does because they seem to know what to do. But it doesn't matter who's right now, because we've put this ad out. So sound like the freakin' ABC because that's now policy.'"

"Advertisers are being told, 'We do the same stuff as the ABC, except in each 15 minutes we play 4 minutes of ads. So if you'd really like to advertise on the ad-free ABC, well you can't because that's what makes the ABC unique. And no one has ever taken the ABC on directly like we have. Well almost directly, we'll still have your ads.'"

Read his full piece here.

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