The One Thing!

This is something that came to me during a long run over the holiday break. Like all runners, I have been trying to go faster, with better form and better times. But – I discovered it’s not about having the latest running watch, the right gels or taking the right supplements.

It just comes down to one thing.

It occurred to me that it was just like doing an air shift, and crafting a station.

You want that next break to be the killer one, you want to end the show knowing that you hit it out of the park…. I remember being like that too.

That too was about one thing, but I never knew it back then.

With marathon training, there is no secrets, its not about the heart rate monitor or the food pod tied to your shoe… its about one thing…

It took me 5 marathons and many pairs of shoes to realise this…

Ok, I’m not going to try and hook you any more – the one thing is consistency.

Nothing compensates for a lack of consistency.

Yea ok… I can see you rolling your eyes.- You knew this already right?

With marathon running you just have to get out there and do it.

Nike know this, that’s why they have a simple and brilliant branding statement –

Just do it.

With great radio, there are no short cuts to being brilliant.

It is consistently preparing, rehearsing, consistently working on your weaknesses, and demanding feedback.

Running a marathon is exactly the same. Quality training with direction and purpose and until you get there… and you will!

Radio ….it is the hard road, but there is no other way to travel forwards.

Brad McNally: He’s a Canadian guy, who’s worked all over… Canada.

Made a jump to Europe as Group PD for Scandinavia Broadcasters based in Stockholm.

Here in Australia, he was the former 96fm Perth PD. Brad’s now doing some Consulting and lots of what he loves, running.

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