Ninja Notes: Passion

I meet a guy this week…who seemed to be going thru the motions….He Told me I had a great job ( and I do) but he was sadly going thru the motions in his.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Of course the answer is YES. The obstacle is not age, it’s the willingness or lack of, to change that stops some folks. Old habits and hardened mindsets can make it difficult to change.

For me it’s all about the passion for our industry and our station.

Our jobs shouldn’t give us passion – we should give it to our job.

Every day when I wake up I hear Reggie doing his surf report on our station.

I love the passion from this guy! He makes me want to take up surfing, and I’m not even a good swimmer!

You see passion is not magical. It’s the sparks that bounce off a collision of determination, commitment and action.

Don’t do what you’re passionate about; just be passionate about what you do.

Who was it who said, “people who have achieved great things rarely sit back and let things happen.”

They go out and make things happen.

Brad McNally: He’s a Canadian guy, who’s worked all over… Canada. Made a jump to Europe as Group PD for Scandinavia Broadcasters based in Stockholm. Now working at Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast and Loving it…

He is still acting as a mentor to his Perth students at Tafe, who send him mp3’s and ask for advice on a whole range of issues….AND in his spare time he’s training kids to become future Ninja’s, and training for the next marathon

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