The Ninja Notes: Finding your Querenci

I recently went to a martial arts fight night in Muay Thai. There is a beautiful dance the fighters do, to show each other respect, and to their teachers, trainers and their opponent. It is called the wai kru. In this art, I think the women are the best fighters – always strong fighters with great technique, and in one recent bout I witnessed the art of the pause.

During the performance, one girl was taking a beating and just held back and covered her head and paused. It looked like it was over for her, but then she came back and exploded, knocking her opponent down. It was ‘million dollar baby’ stuff and great to watch.

You can also witness the art of the pause in a bullfight. It’s the place of refuge and renewal.  It’s that moment where you stop and reclaim your strength and power. It’s a moment when the fighter or opponent is the most dangerous. Sometimes the bull will kill the matador at this point. In boxing or martial arts, the fighter will come back and knock out the other guy.

The Spanish call this ‘querencia’, which means tapping into our place of stillness and power.

The pause is a skill we can often use in radio when we are under attack – whatever market you are in. We often see this in radio wars. The market leader in one move can crush their attacker. There are plenty of examples of this. Remember in the late 80’s when 93.3 FLZ became the “Power Pig” and crushed their competitors.

It can be just seconds or minutes long, but the pause is the place where we tap into our inner power.

If ever you find yourself under fire … pause for a few seconds. Tap into your querenci. Then explode and unleash all you have with power.

So next time you find yourself under attack and need to not only defend yourself but also to beat your opponent, remember the rules of warfare:

  1. Pause.
  2. Attack them when they are weak, and when you have your querenci.
  3. Favour no one weapon.
  4. Never let them get up (finish them).

Brad McNally: He’s a Canadian guy, who’s worked all over… Canada.

Made a jump to Europe as Group PD for Scandinavia Broadcasters based in Stockholm.

Here in Australia, he was the former 96fm Perth PD. Brad’s now doing some Consulting and lots of what he loves, running.


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