The Numbers Don’t “Say” Anything

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A final thought for the year, with Australian Survey 8 numbers thrown into the Christmas rush.

It's what your listeners say that counts.

Reflecting on the first year of Radio Today, it's very clear the Most Read articles are about people. Whether it's Brad's Top Talent lists and Matt Tilley i/v, or Scott's Tony Martin Tuesdays and Kyle:The Raw i/v, to name just a few out of many examples.

Obvious perhaps, as we often talk about this being a "people business".

Not just about who's moving where. But what makes top performers in all craft areas tick? e.g. the  4 Weeks of ACRAs Finalists Fever, and Daryl's chats with production wizards. What can we all learn from those who've experienced the ups and downs of a volatile industry?

And there are the passionate forum debates around personality moves and issues. It's healthy for radio that we care so much about content and those who provide it.

Personalities are the deal-breakers for many listeners. In Talk they're a given, but also for music listeners they're the critical emotional connection that separates us from an iPod.

The point is … think of your listeners not as numbers, but product team members and individual personalities, with just as passionate opinions about radio as you have, and wanting to express them.



Creative content is subjective, and can't be "measured" as such, but it's the ultimate difference between winning or losing, profit or loss numbers. The show part of the business.

Knowing what your listeners say about content, and even how they can co-create new ideas with you, is a competitive edge to complement the stats.

More to come on this topic, and a new development for early 2013 !


Eriks Celmins is Managing Director of Third Wave Media, Adelaide-based consultant for media research, strategy and content.


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