The Living Room takes a break


WSFM 101.7’s breakfast show host Amanda Keller has announced on Jonesy & Amanda that The Living Room will be taking a break in 2023, alongside her fellow cast members Barry Du Bois, Chris Brown and Miguel Maestre.

Amanda confirmed that The Living Room won’t be on in 2023 noting, “It’s felt that its time to take a breath, we’ve been on air for 11 years, 30 eps a year” however they are working on re-grouping for 2024.”

Keller noted that it was a network decision, mentioning “they want the show to continue, as do we, so we are working on just tweaking it, taking a breath.”

“Friday night, the four of us, sit back and relax with your friends, and it happens also to be a lifestyle show. It has been brilliant and it will be again.”

“I feel sad because I love these boys, we all love each other, we love the show, we’ve got a great production team so none of that will change….. we are still the awesome foursome and in 2024 will be back.”

Amanda confirmed however that they still have 5 episodes for this year, including a great Christmas episode.

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