The Christian O’Connell Show launches Christmas fundraiser for kids


This Christmas, over 5000 kids in Melbourne will go without a single present.

This week on Gold 104.3’s The Christian O’Connell Show, the team launched a fundraiser for Backpacks4VicKids.

The team initially set a target of $35,000, but quickly exceeded that, having now raised over $97,000.

Christian posted this message:

 I need your help.

There are some children in need. 

This Christmas, over 5000 children here in Melbourne who’ve been taken into care for their own safety and wellbeing, will go without a simple Christmas present.

I only found this out when Sally Beard from a small but big-hearted charity, Backpacks4VicKids, reluctantly called me to ask for help. It broke my heart when I heard the staggeringly high numbers. I’m blessed to have the platform I have with our show so we are doing all we can to help raise money to try and get as many presents as we can.

This is a charity we’ve proudly supported and over the last few years and thanks to the generosity of our kind-hearted listeners, we’ve raised over $300,000. Those resources though I’m sorry to say have run out. I can tell you this much, there is no wastage with this charity, your money makes a real impact.

This situation is severe, as sadly many families haven’t managed to find safe ground after lockdowns and with interest rate rises and higher cost of living, it’s broken some families, and this charity won’t be able to meet the unprecedented demands.

Christmas is a time for families and these kids have already suffered so much, let’s try and at least give them a gift under the tree to show them they matter, and people care. Because we do.

How we look after those who’ve fallen on hard times is how we should be judged as a society and community.

Help the scared, in-need children of Melbourne this Christmas.

 Thank you, if you can donate, please leave a message with your name so I can thank you on the show, whether that’s $5 or $50. If you wish to remain anonymous, that’s cool and I thank you for your support.

Whatever you can give will make a difference to a little person who deserves some small joy at Christmas.

Thank you,


Donate to the cause here.


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