Podshape launches podcast tracking cancer journey, The C Word

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Podshape has a new podcast, The C Word, which will explore a man’s journey as he grapples with stage 4 brain cancer.

Lee Whitehorn was diagnosed six weeks ago and the podcast will be a snapshot of what he has been through from day one.

Whitehorn’s sister, Rachel Thaiday also hosts the Girls + Wine = Inappropriate Conversations with Podshape’s co-founder Katie Mattin, and her husband Sam Thaiday discusses his mental health battles in We Are Human.

Whitehorn will co-host The C Word with his brother Luke Evans, whose podcast Itch is also part of the Podshape network.

The duo will attempt to use the podcast to help anyone dealing with uncertainty.

Whitehorn will also use his sports coaching skills to tackle the unknowns, and then share what he has learned and offer new perspectives.

Podshape’s head shaper, Jay Walkerden, said he’s pleased to help Whitehorn share his story.

“When I sat down with Lee, his first words to me were ‘I’m so glad you didn’t ask me how I’m doing. I have brain cancer, how do you think I’m doing?’ I love the way Lee looks at his life and his diagnosis – he’s not ‘Poor Me’, he actually is more like ‘Ok, cool, I’ve got this thing, what do I need to do to beat it?’ He has a very strong mindset.”

Whitehorn said he’s really excited about what the podcast could achieve.

“It wasn’t until I sat with Jay that I felt comfortable with the process and what it can offer others. Sharing stories and connecting is what we do best as humans, and Jay and the Podshape team have certainly made me feel positive about the impact this podcast can have.”

The podcast will be released each Tuesday.

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